Build Momentum Toward Your Dreams

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A 16 Week, COACHING & MENTORING WORKSHOP, during which I will help you design and implement your comprehensive Brilliant Balance Blueprint, feel confident about your future, and experience an unsurpassed sense of peace and calm.

Within 16 weeks you'll have all of the elements (Dream List, Legacy Statements, Ideal Week, Projects and Practices, Habit Stacking, and more) in place to build momentum toward the life you've imagined for yourself.

Go Confidently In The Direction Of Your Dreams. Live The Life You Have Imagined.


"To be at my most authentic. To embrace and embody in all the realms of my life, as much as possible, the things that bring me joy and light me up. That is what it means to me to #BEBRILLIANT!"

Susie / New York, NY

"BREAKTHROUGH has helped me ‘Play Big’ in all aspects of my life and has taught me how to OWN being a strong woman. I am grateful I opened my heart and invited this into my life; I am forever changed!"

MB / Mason, OH

The 3 Step BREAKTHROUGH System

Know Where You're Stuck

Identify your friction points and roadblocks + uncover and break free from your unique set of limiting beliefs.

Know Where You're Headed

Develop a Dream List and a collection of Legacy Statements + intentionally structure your Ideal Week.

Build a Bridge

Learn to reverse engineer the steps you need to take TODAY to get where you want to be in 1, 5, 10 years.

The 16-week program sequentially unlocks access to the training modules to show you how to put together every single element of your Life Design Plan.

It also unlocks access to my private coaching group (powered by Facebook) to help you put all of the elements firmly (and effectively) in place. You’ll also be on group coaching calls with me (once per week) to ensure you emerge with a plan that will get you where you want to go without all the headaches (and unexpected costs) of missing pieces up front… and you’ll have private one on one calls with the coaches on our team regularly throughout the program to solve your unique challenges.

And the investment? Less than you might think for a program designed to get your life quickly moving in the direction of your dreams!


Build Momentum Toward Your Dreams

Don't Miss My FREE Video Training on Work Life Brilliant

Daily Group Coaching Calls

Each week, jump on the phone with Founder Cherylanne Skolnicki and her team of coaches, and fellow members of BREAKTHROUGH to get hand-to-hand support for your journey. No topic is off limits, and you'll learn as much from the questions others ask as you do from asking your own! We record these so if you can't join live you can always listen later.

1:1 Calls with Your Personal Coach

At specific points throughout the program, you will be prompted to schedule a 1:1 coaching call with your personal coach. Each call is 30 minutes in length, and is designed to discuss your progress and push through your unique challenges during your 16 weeks together.

Private Coaching Group

16-week access to our private Facebook group that is available 24/7 to provide additional support and guidance. Connect with people on the same wavelength when you post inside our private Facebook group. See what others have to say about it! There are lots of lively conversations in here just waiting for you to add your perspective.

"This is a breath of fresh air. Cherylanne has a unique ability to cut through clutter, noise and excuses. She quickly drills down to the core issues, diagnoses them appropriately, and responds with a sensitive yet savvy plan to turn it all around."

Carly / San Francisco, CA

"I so appreciate having support through honest feedback. Having a place and a network of members who are interested in giving honest and reliable feedback is worth its weight in gold. I love bouncing ideas off others and providing that service in return."

Shauna / Charleston, SC

Can We Talk?

Sometimes you just need to pull up a chair and talk to someone who understands! Within the program, you'll have the chance to do that both with our founder, a top coach to high impact women all over the country, and with one another by leveraging our private online groups. These are your people. This is your place. Pull up a chair and take your seat at the table.


What's On Your Mind?

No topic is off limits, but if you're like most of us, here's what we'll be talking about!

  • Contribute - Making a contribution in the world by using our gifts and talents in service to others - sometimes for money and sometimes as a volunteer
  • Connect - Becoming more authentic and honest with each other so we can build stronger relationships both inside and beyond this community
  • Curate - Building a rhythm of balance into our lives so we can do more of what we love and less of what we don't so we can be our best self - it's not only possible, it's imperative

By Invitation Only

If you’d like to talk about how to apply, sign up for your free Strategy Session Call and we'll get the ball rolling.



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